Monday, January 19, 2009

a quiet afternoon

The sky is very white today. It looks like snow, but there's none coming.

It's a quiet day outside. A major holiday.. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. I hardly hear any traffic out there today. Maybe people partied big time over the weekend, and are just chilling out today. I know there was some major football game on tv... guys going to the superbowl... Arizona Cardinals, I believe. I just happened to tune into the end of the game, otherwise I'd have no idea about these things.

Today I am cleaning a bit, then taking a break, then cleaning a bit, and taking a break. My back can't withstand much for long lengths of time, but after resting a while, I'm good to go again.... and again is now. :)


Finished the living room, and now it's snowing lightly. Such a pretty sight to see.

For the 3rd year, I am joining Sarajane Helm's miniature mask swap. In previous years the masks were to be all of a similar theme/style (which the artist would choose themselves).. this year, the masks can all be different. That's a lot of different masks! I joined one group, as usual, and will make 10 masks, and get 10 back (including one of my own). So far, one idea has come to mind, and I think I'd like to make some Mardi Gras masks, in the traditional colors of purple, green, and gold. Now that we can make everything different, I'm not sure what type of mask/s will come out of my hands.

Here are 2 of the masks I've made for previous swaps. Size is maximum 3"x3". Each one had a similar style (although the face was sculpted to look either male or female, and sometimes androgynous), but colored/finished differently.

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