Wednesday, January 28, 2009

bowls and tranny's

Seems that since I've joined the "Creative Everyday" challenge, that I have not been so creative! I had a bad bout of asthma for a couple of days, and that has gotten me down, and led to a lot of sleeping. There's not much one can do when you can't breathe! Now I'm feeling a lot better, and trying to get back on the horse.

I did make a couple of little items... not that I know what I will do with them. Worked with some very small gourds, and made bowls out of them. One is covered with teeny gold beads and sparkles (Beadazzles), so it is a "pot of gold". I think I will put it with my Prosperity Doll, and fill it with little scrolls of paper, saying such things as "love, family, friendship" etc. The things, other than money, that make one prosper.

I also made a gourd bowl that is partially covered with millifiore canes. It looks so pretty, almost like beadwork. It's small... made from what they call Jewelry gourds. It will be a bowl for another art doll. I'd like to do some work that is similar to R.C. Gorman's older paintings of big women. Many of them have a bowl, in the woman's hands, or somewhere beside her.

As I write this, it occurs to me that I haven't been totally uncreative, after all.

Oh, I also used a gourd for armature of a strange looking big nosed man that I thought would be some type of fantasy figure. Turns out, after painting the face some, that he looks like one ugly transvestite! He may be somebody's fantasy, but not mine!

It snowed a bit today, but still not the big snow that I've been wanting. Now it's raining, so it's turning into a bunch of mush. Where are the blizzards like we used to have? So far, nothing even close to that.

When I get my friend's camera, I'll take pictures of the little gourd bowls. The big nosed tranny may stay unrevealed, though!

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