Saturday, January 17, 2009

dream pillows and a lady

Here are a couple of dream pillows I made... they're about 4x5 inches, and stuffed with pine needles, lavender, and agrimony.

Here is poor Lucinda, and unfinished Lady of Abundance, who, unfortunately, was a rushed piece of work. My patience got the better of me, since she was doomed from the start, having been sculpted from several different shades of clay. As I mentioned before, her hands and feet were less than an after-thought. She was a good practice piece, though, and I really like her luxurious hair. :-)


  1. I think she's rather beautiful, despite the rushed hands and feet. And yes, that hair is completely luxurious. What is it made from?

  2. Aw thanks, leek... I've grown rather fond of her myself. Her hair is actually just "dolly hair"... 100% natural curled fibers, the package says.

  3. I like your doll. And yes the hair is lovely! I love your pics of the sky!!


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