Tuesday, January 6, 2009

prosperity doll

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Prosperity doll (click on pic to see larger view)

The prosperity doll has copper bracelets hanging from her arms, which hold USD (cash & coins) and Euro's. The states and countries depicted on the coins reflect my love of travel. I chose the US quarters at random, and the states depicted are: California, Oregon, West Virginia and North Dakota, to symbolize travel through the United States. The Euros have the symbols of Italy and Finland on them, to signify European travel. I would like to get more coins from other countries.

She is holding a book which represents reading/learning/writing/book-keeping.
Under one arm she has a rolled up fortune from a fortune cookie, which say: "You will begin a successful new busniness venture."

She has a Herkimer diamond attached to her 3rd eye (hard to see it in the picture).
She is 9 inches high.

Thanks to Stefania Morgante for giving me the inspiration to create a prosperity doll for the new year.

prosperity : the condition of being successful or thriving ; especially : economic well-being

materials used: gourd, polymer clay, paper clay, coins/dollars (USD & Euro), trimmings, paper, Suze Weinberg's Bedazzles, silver leafing, copper wire, cone-shaped thread spool, face mold, fortune cookie fortune, a double terminated Herkimer diamond


  1. Oh Myth Maker...she is stunning. I love her! Beautiful sister...simply lovely.

  2. As I mentioned in 'cups' myth, she is wonderful and unique and would look lovely in my doll cabinet. Great work my friend!

  3. Wonderful! What a great way to start the new year!

  4. Another wonderful creation Myth. She's a beauty!

  5. I love this idea of prosperity doll! I want to make a poster for my wall, when We will have all the dolls, what do you think?

  6. I think that would be a wonderful idea, Stefania!

  7. I love your Prosperity Doll! She is lovely! Such beautiful work!


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