Sunday, January 4, 2009

outside in

Looking out the window on this pale pink morning, I miss the luxury of being able to step outside without stepping into the world. The wide wood terrace in Roveniemi, Finland; the French doors, opening to the backyard, in National City, California. These two come right to mind.

Living six stories up, I am close enough to the street to hear all the traffic, but high enough to overlook many other apartments and houses, and see the sky. The sky is my terrace. It's no Montana, I'll tell you that much!

Today it's a soft light powdery blue, going whiter down by the river. The sun is behind me, so I can't see it, but it's reflecting off the roof structures in a soft yellow white.
I know the air is chilled, but it's going to about 40° today, which is quite mild for this time of year.

I'm working on the prosperity doll. She is losing much of her simplicity, but the idea was to build her up with symbols of prosperity. I'll probably get a pic with my friend's camera later on today. There's more she needs, but I'm trying to find available objects around the house. Maybe an old blouse with a fabric I can use. I'll have to go on a mission for this stuff. There must be some trinkets and stones just waiting to adorn her.

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  1. Morning, Myth. You know, I love the idea of re-using things from around the house for the prosperity doll. Seems appropriate that a doll created to bring prosperity wouldn't require you to go out and spend money on her.

    The morning sounds lovely, BTW. I'm not the biggest outdoor enthusiast, but I'd certainly miss my tiny green space if I didn't have it. Still, your little slice of sky sounds lovely.


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