Sunday, January 25, 2009

cold sunday morning

Good early morning to you.

It's cold outside, just 18°F/-8°C. Cozy in the apartment; luckily there is a good amount of heat coming up. The radiators hiss.

I woke up a couple of hours ago, feeling a little sick in my stomach, and after getting some water, I naturally sat down here for a while. So here I am. I did a bit of internet surfing, checked for new messages at the groups and forums I belong to, and then watched a bit of morning news on television.

It's Sunday, and a good day to stay inside and make things. I can't seem to conjure up much inspiration for making Valentine stuff, but the boutique is having a sale at the hospital on the 12th of February. Unless I get pierced with cupid's bow, I doubt I'll make anything special.

Last night evie brought over blank greeting cards of good watercolor paper, and we painted a couple of those for Valentines. Maybe we'll do some more of them today. I could make a few heart pendants covered in some bedazzles. They'd be easy enough to knock out.

As you can probably tell, this Valentine stuff doesn't thrill me too much. Not that I'd turn down a box of chocolates if one would come my way. :-) I'd rather concentrate on creations that come from inside; true inspiration and imagination.


  1. I wouldn't turn down a box of chocolates either :)

  2. chocolate? who's got chocolate???

  3. I often find it difficult to cater to an ever-changing stylized market. So I quit--but I am sure you will come up with something great! Sometimes we just have to skip the trivial and go straight for the things of greater importance.


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