Thursday, January 29, 2009

winter every day

this time of life
with no warmth of another
is cold
and it should be winter

but the winters never seem
cold enough to distract me
from the chill that lies within


  1. Hi Barbara,

    I didn't realize that you had asked me for my blog url a while back on the message board. Sorry bout that.

    Are you participating in One World One Heart? I have a giveaway on my blog.

    Those trees remind me exactly of what it looks like when I go skiing in Yosemite. *sigh*

    Are you chilled inside?

  2. That's okay, Lisa, I found it through the Creative Place bog.
    No, I'm not participating in One World One Heart... wondering what I could give away that would be fun. I know it ends soon.

    The trees are in Lapland.

    Oh yes, I'm chilled.

  3. Decided to join the give-away! See my latest post.


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