Saturday, July 4, 2009

4 haiku

the mess on the desk
paper and books mounted high
a feng shui failure


the wolf calls to me
come! catch up! I'll wait for you
I listen, and run


full moon approaching
my heart opens to summer
the sun cannot hide


reading old writings
I edit all the pages
the story changes


  1. have a super 4th of july weekend with those you love, barbara

    and be careful of the wolves you associate with, especially the were types ;)

    nice haikus, btw

  2. Haha, same to you, laughingwolf... I am always mindful of the company I keep :)

  3. Heh, that first one makes me wonder if you've been spying on me. :) Nice to read your writings, Myth.

  4. I like messes hon....they feel good and natural. I used to say "too much feng shui is flingshit. Fling the whole bit out the window.

    If we have to organize every damned meridian which exists in our spectrum....I quit! flingshit!!

    Love the metaphors!!!!!

  5. Thanks, leek.... I can't see that far for all the "stuff" blocking my view!

    spottedwolf, I'm with you! Flingshit!
    Thank you. :)

  6. like the old saw: the more people i meet, the more i love my dog [in your case, cats]?

  7. Beautiful write-out and poem!
    This shows that time passed by so fast, love the drifting mood and hope we all can keep up with it.....and now summer is around the corner.
    Enjoy your summer days Barbara!

  8. i found you via the walking man. so glad I did! enjoyed the haiku, especially the last one about the changing story. so true...


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