Monday, July 13, 2009

the ocean goddess, my thanks, and one haiku

A few things.

Firstly...Who is the Ocean Goddess? Many of you find your way to my blog via a search for her, and end up finding another page.
But who is the Ocean Goddess. What did you find out in your search?
Is she The Beautiful Shell Woman? Protectress of unborn children? Or a Keeper of deep secrets?
What depths she must reach, going into a darkness we cannot know; the seas and all the Earth leaning against her. How mighty she must be!

Are you searching this page for an answer? Perhaps you can leave one for me.

Secondly... I'd like to thank Yoon See for her friendship here in the blogisphere. She recently gifted me with this lovely award, which happens to be a perfect picture for "Reading The Sky":

And last, but not least, a haiku for my fellow blogger Spotted Wolf.

the mic to his mouth
ol' blues man totem teller
stories from his soul


  1. Congrats of the award. You well deserved it! :)

  2. I, for the first time today, have nothing to say. ;-}

  3. grats on the award, barbara

    one technicality: the correct spelling for the short form of 'microphone' is 'mic', though still pronounced 'mike'... non-techs don't care, but it drives me nuts ;)

  4. Thanks, laughingwolf, and thanks for the correction, too!

  5. I have an award for you, Barbara. Please come to my teaartblog and claim it.

    Thanks and look forward to welcoming you there,

  6. hey, what friends are for :)

  7. Congratulations dear Barbara! This awars suits you excellent! Kiss from Poland :-)*


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