Saturday, July 4, 2009

moon heart

I went up on the roof to see the fireworks. Too little action and too weak a camera to get any good shots. Took this pic of the nearly full moon, and lo, with some camera shake it turned into a heart!


  1. Oh gosh! What a magical moon heart! It's simply amazing! :)

  2. some of the barbara mythmaking there? :)

  3. No mythmakery there, laughwolf... just honest to goodness camera shake, :).

  4. Wow! I can't believe it, you are so creative Barbara!
    Just a slight hand shake can achieve such a signaificant effect.
    Definitely this accidental shot is a great credit for you Barbara!
    It's amazing shot that touched our heart!
    Thanks, that's how love evolves, also through fireworks!

  5. Thanks for dropping by dear Barbara, happy monday to you, my two fishes had been with me for three years long, survuving without air pump....I changed the water regularly to make it stay clear, I guess it's about time they say good bye to me!

  6. I'm stickin' with the other wolf.........

  7. I like your take on the Full Moon Goddess Myth Maker.

    I was reading your earlier post on the lack of creative spark and empathizing. It's the dog days of summer which is tough on creative types but which gives birth to the blues. The hot, sweaty, emotional stew that erupts into violence or despair.

    What a wonderful cornucopia we live in.


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