Friday, July 3, 2009

still life

That's a photo collage of some of the mess of stuff in my "creative space". No one thing calls to me, and I need a whole new mess of stuff, I think! Words are distant, and photographs don't fall upon my eyes. No creative sparks.

I've been away from the computer, for the most part, for the past few days. I had some obligations to my mom, and spent a couple of nights and days there, and was without internet access. I can't say I really had any angst about missing time at the computer, but when I got back to it all today, I was a little overwhelmed. Suddenly there are dozens of blog updates among the blogs I follow, and I usually keep up with my readings so well. For now I let a few go by the wayside, but I am catching up here and there. I see I have been graced with new followers while I was gone... thank you for coming, and I hope there will be something to entertain you in the near future!

I have no creative projects in motion right now. It seems to be a very still time.


  1. Just take your time and do whatever YOU want! We'll be here when you're ready! :)

  2. It is only the physical space that appears full...the creative space is ever expanding.

  3. when it's all said and done what else is there left to say and then...let the blogging continue as such for fresh blood is the gift of any blogger's life...(-;)

  4. you collage would prompt me in may directions, barbara :)

  5. Still time is go for relax, come back when you are ready!


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