Sunday, June 28, 2009

to blog or not to blog

I read fellow writers who actually write, and leave me in the dust with my empty palette of verbiage. I am caught in the knot of words bulging from the stumps of trees. Impressed by haiku, but counting syllables just to make sure. This is old territory; the stomping ground of linguists, where bone is bleach white or decorated with brilliant gemstones. I have moved my table to the other side of the room. I watch now, constant observer of the new twist on the old tongue. "I grow old, I grow old..." I want to mold things with my hands, and keep my mind blank as slate... what I have to say is erasable; a babble-icious destructable, verging on "delete this blog" at a moment's notice.


  1. Blog, yes. Delete, no. These words that may feel empty, inadequate, or even useless at times will be priceless in times to come.

  2. Yeah, just blog and share with the world.
    It's so much that we can offer and receive from blogging!

  3. Hello, Barbara! Nice to meet you!

    Good luck cleaning that slate. For me, it
    sure doesn't last long even if I think I got
    that far, or that close, however you
    wish to see it.

    I'm not posting anything else at blogspot.
    If you wish to see more of my stuff, please
    visit me here, my original hangout.

    Uncle Tree's House

  4. I've deleted TWM twice so far. Taking well over 700 pieces out of the public domain. Which to me os the only reason to dele the blog.

    But if you want to wipe the slate because you think the formula is wrong I would say to you Barbara...there is no wrong formula. This ain't calculus this is written art and expression and unless you find another way to achieve the same results...stay the course.

  5. Dear Barbara, I write, or I try to write, but English isn't my mother tongue, unlike yours. Sometimes I feel just like this, so limited in my vocabulary, specially when I read such dazzling pieces. But I still have something to say, and you do too. And your Language is so much richer and able to reach further. So please don't stop writing. As long as there is someone who likes, it's worth it.
    I just love your cats:)

  6. I have an award for you too Barbara:)

  7. hi barbara... as a fellow horse i say: keep blogging! :)

    [here by way of dennis]


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