Friday, May 27, 2011

rambling on a friday night

It is hot, and I can't wait until the sun goes down. It sets out on its descent and shines in my living room windows, making it hotter still. The humidity has my skin moist and sticky. Oh, Summer, why do you always have to come before your time? How pleasant it would have been to have another month of Spring. But nooo....Summer has to come barging in the way it always does. Insistent.

Another hour and a half till the sunsets. I hope it at least graces me with a photo-worthy shot.

Just spent that hour and a half writing on my novel, and then getting a phone call from an old boyfriend who just can't seem to get it in his head that I really don't want to see him, no matter how platonic it would be. Am I a mean person? Am I meant to have lifetime friendships with those I've phased out of my life? We were together sixteen years ago, and for a couple of years after that, and he's been callling me ever since. I've seen him a couple of times between now and then, but not in years, now. Talk about persistent. Geesh!

The sun went down with a whimper, not a bang. It was overcast with barely any color, just lots of grey sky. Not worth a click. The fog is not so interesting from this perspective, just lingering in the distance. Down by the water if might have more effect, but of course I'm not about to take the walk and see. I wish I could photograph the sound of the fog horns.

Well, the sun has long since gone down, but the overbearing humidity remains. Welcome to summer in new york city. You can have it!

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  1. I know ~ I just got a new camera and weather in MA is fog this morning and cloudy most of the day ~ Grateful that is all I am dealing with ~ weather could be worse ~ it is New England ~ Enjoy the weekend ~ ^_^


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