Sunday, May 8, 2011

Logan at 17 months

Logan is 17 months old, as of tomorrow.  The time is just zipping by.  I saw him today when I went to my mom's for a Mother's Day dinner, made by my sister.  During the car ride there, Logan said my name, and pointed at me when asked, "Who's Barbara?"  He said my name over and over.  I was thrilled to death.

Didn't take any great pics today.  Sometimes it's hard to catch that special moment.  But anyway, he makes any pic the cutest.  So here is a photo-update of my great-nephew.
He has taken to petting trees, and saying "hi tree"... as he's been taught to be a tree lover by my sister, who we call "Tree."

enjoying baked ziti


  1. He is such a sweet looking boy. Such a photogenic kid too! I can see he delights anyone's day with that smile.

  2. He is such a heart breaker!


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