Friday, May 20, 2011

friday ramble

The weather has been damp and rainy for days. Getting tired of it now. I guess I don't enjoy the rain as much as I used to, now that it creeps into my bones, and makes me achy. Ah, age... such a joy. NOT.

The other day I babysat for Logan, along with my sister. He is such a little wonder to watch. When he says "hi Barbara" my heart just melts. I love watching him run to the trees when we're outside, and patting the tree. He likes when I pat it, too. Someday we've got to teach him to hug the tree. His spirit is so bright and in touch.

I sit here with nothing much to do or say, so I figured I'd say it in the blog. Awfully boring for you, I suppose! But of course you could just click the X is the upper right hand corner.

I just read two good books.... one was Water For Elephants, and the other was The Art of Racing in the Rain, which is told by a dog, and so so good. I recommend them both.

I'm working on my own book today, which isn't ending so soon, apparently. It's 400 pages on a Word document, so I imagine that's only about 200 real book pages, I don't know. I keep thinking I know where it's going, but these characters have a mind of their own, so you never know. Can't wait to finish it so I can read it beginning to end and start a second draft. This could take years, but at least I could say I did it.

I haven't continued my second novel, because it's just too crazy to be writing two at the same time. I just have the beginning part, which I blogged here. Maybe I will continue writing it in November, for the Nanowrimo (National November Writing Month). By then, maybe I'll know what it's about, hahaha.

Well, I'm just rambling, so I'll end here. Hope you are all having a fine day.


  1. Didn't you just love Art of Racing in the Rain? ~ sad at times but I really thought it had a powerful message as well a good read ~ I am in MA and Sun did come out ~ it is foggy again and I can not even see the Harbor ~ hopefully, sun will come tomorrow ~ we all need it ~ ^_^

  2. I read those books a couple years ago and loved them both. Good luck with the book, I think it is wonderful that the characters have minds of their owns :-). xoxo

  3. AnonymousMay 23, 2011

    I am about to read Water for Elephants! I've never read the other, either, I'll have to check it out. Happy Monday! :)

  4. Writing a book? I have a hard time writing blogs sometimes....I admire anyone attempting to write a book. On the other hand, I love reading books. I read Water for Elephants and just loved it...I took on a challenge to read 30 books this year and getting there slow but sure...My list is on my blog....currently reading The Midwife's Confession....highly recommended.....Will look into the Art of Racing in the Rain.....


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