Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger being a bitch

Just a note to say that if you don't see your comments (or at least 4 from the previous post), it's because Blogger is screwing up.  I appreciate your comments, and publish all of them, of course.  I hate to lose any.  I hope that Blogger can restore them.  Reminds me of the transient nature of the blog itself.  No doubt it could be gone tomorrow, and wouldn't that be a bummer?  Hopefully, they won't let that happen.


  1. What you’re saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I also love the images you put in here. They fit so well with what you’re trying to say. I’m sure you’ll reach so many people with what you’ve got to say.

  2. Barbara, I had the same thing happen to my previous post, it sucks. Not sure what is up with blogger, but it is really starting to mess up a lot. Not much we can do except move to wordpress :-). xoxo

  3. Blogger is really messing up lately


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