Wednesday, May 4, 2011

monday morning??

??? Monday?  Hello, Barbara, it's Wednesday!!

The rain beats down on this chilly morning, and climbs right inside my bones, taking residence in my knees, and various other joints. I'd say these are the joys of getting old, but to tell you the truth, when it comes to knee pain, I remember having that since I was a kid. Growing pains they called them. Maybe now I am having more symbolic growing pains. That is the holistic healer in me, turning something in a way that gives some insight into dis-ease. So, what are my growing pains about? Ah, that is a question for quiet contemplation, and not so easily put down on paper, as it were.

I am tempted to open the window and take a picture of the rain. But not only is that very hard to do, the rain is slanting this way, and besides not wanting to get the camera wet, I don't want to get wet either. It's chilly enough!

I pretty much didn't sleep last night. Did some late night blogging, and then read some of the novel I am reading, "Water For Elephants".

I look at my little poem in the previous post, and think how insomnia clears the mind for such sentiments to come through. Well some might say it fogs the mind. Memories linger on it, though, like rain on clouds, It holds a certain truth. Sweet, but sometimes that can make you gag. Hahaha.

I bet a lot of petals are falling from the cherry blossom trees today. That would be pretty to shoot, but just as pretty in the mind's eye, which it will have to be today, because I'm not going anywhere.

As mundane as it may be, here is a picture of what is behind me. A little bit of "where I am."

(click pic to view larger)

Hope you have a good day, rain or shine.

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  1. your talk of rain, makes me want to open and umbrella and go for a walk, but today we have sun and gentle warmth, ah.... after much rain.


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