Monday, March 2, 2009

one thousand days

I learned, from a native american elder, that when you make love with someone, they stay in your heart for a thousand days. That's a long time, and over the years I have come to believe it's true. Well, it has been a thousand days since my last great love, and in honor of that I've written a poem and done some journal pages to commemorate this poignant moment.
This is old news to me now, but it has followed my heart for many days, indeed years.

The "Creative Every Day" theme for this month is "Dreams" (last month's theme was "Words" and I've mixed them up together)... and so, I start with an old dream that is long gone.

Here is the poem, followed by the pages (which contain the poem as well, but it's hard to see/read. This is for two people (myself and my once other half-side) that have faded away into a memory.

One Thousand Days

It is one thousand days since I last held you inside
my heart is releasing you now
thousands of new tapestries are being sewn
just for this one moment

I have gathered you in bits and pieces
emails and envelopes tucked with boarding passes
ice cream sticks and Euros
our faces and
the hero dogs

I will glue colored pages with these images and words
and give them their small space in the book you gave me

write our story you said

A few pages of time will have to do
Tomorrow holds other stories

(click pictues to see larger view)


  1. Wow. This is poigniant and the collage is lovely.

  2. Myth, this is lovely, and the poem is breathtakingly beautiful with an overtone of melancholy. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. Beautiful - I think I want to cry!

  4. Thank you Sharon, leek, and caren. I was hesitant to share it, but that is a release in itself.

  5. {{{{{Myth}}}}} Thank you for sharing yourself to this depth. Very tender...and oh so sweet.

  6. Beautifully written, Myth! Love the idea of the journal with the pictures and such. Very creative.

  7. Love the poem ~ I certainly can relate to it. Thanks for staying connected,

    Hugs and namaste,
    artmusedogs (Carol)

  8. wow, this is so beautiful, barbara. thank you so much for sharing your heart here.

  9. You touched my heart... what a beautiful poem.

    I can so relate to those bits of memorabilia tucked away x


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