Wednesday, March 25, 2009

just me rambling

This is just me rambling today.

I am into my 13th year of living in this apartment. This is the longest I've ever lived anywhere. I lived in my previous apartment for 11 years, which was very long, too. This is the 8th apartment I've had since 1980.... In the past I moved around more often. Staying in one place for so long is just so unusual. Every time I've moved I've discarded so much stuff, but stuff has a way of building up and building up.

Now, after living here this long, my apartment is finally being painted. To say it needs this, is an understatement. The landlord gave me short notice that this was going to happen, so I had to go all out the past couple of days, just to clear out some stuff. Damn stuff!

Just one guy is here to do the work. That, I don't understand at all. I feel bad for the guy.

Meanwhile, I'm not too sure what to do with myself while this is going on. He's been working on the kitchen, and I've been out of his way, here in the living room. I helped him move all the stuff from the kitchen into here, and I'll be helping to get it all back, and then move the stuff in here to the middle of the room. I knew I had my work cut out for me before this started, but I didn't know I'd have to help out with the big stuff like moving furniture. Not sure how capable I am of being much help. I wish the landlord would send someone else.

Okay, he finished the kitchen. He went to take a break, so I put the stuff back in the kitchen. Now we're on the living room. Have mercy.

I guess you can't expect much when the apartment is being painted for you. The type of paint supplied is just a flat white; not even a semi-gloss for the woodwork (painted over generously throughout time; God forbid anyone had the brains to leave woodwork alone.)
After it's all done, I'll see about getting some of my own paint, since this is basically a white wash, and at least some spots will need a burst of color. The kitchen cabinets, at least.


6:30 pm now; the painter guy left an hour ago and will be back at 8am. Everything is still displaced in the living room. Ceiling is yet to be painted, and then the bathroom and bedroom.

I'm too weary to start arranging the living room, and with the ceiling still yet to be done, I may as well not.

One more day of this, and I can start going back to normal. (as if)


  1. I read all words that you write...I view all pics that you isn't sorry...why should we be so

    weary bones


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