Sunday, March 22, 2009

get back

When I was young and light and filled with the dream of a mountain, or something like an eagle, the world was vast right outside my window. I saw for miles.

As my life spreads out over the years, the horizon comes closer, and the world is small. Still, I can see for miles.

We fill up with age. .. with whatever it is we experience. If we don't notice the day, we won't notice anything else.

The city is a hard place when it comes to noticing everything around you. There is too much going on, too much sensory overload. Its best to keep your field of vision closer to the area just surrounding you, and whatever task you may take to hand.
Up in the country, your field of vision takes a big leap, and travels far outside your body... yet it is connected to where you are, precisely. You feel yourself as part of the whole. You can feel the earth breathing.

Gotta get back to the place I know the best... near nature, where hawks soar high, and wildflowers roam the earth. I need to breathe it all in. My very soul needs this!


crystals in a stream

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