Friday, March 13, 2009

friday the 13th

I wake well before the late daybreak. The room is too warm, and I need to open windows. I think about shutting down the radiators, but there's nothing I can do with the riser poles, which are spitting heat as if there was a blizzard outside. I will never understand wasting oil like this, and then freezing on days when it is really cold out there.

I stay up, decide to feed the cats when the sky lightens. They enjoy.

I started sculpting a couple of odd looking (long necked) female figures, over gourds. One is jet black, with coppery hair, and purple eyeshadow. I like her quite much. The other is fair, with blue eyeshadow and red lips... I haven't decided on her hair yet. Figures for a new spring, I think. I'll take pictures of them sunday night to show how they are coming along.

Yesterday me and evie used up the rest of the pressed flowers we had, and made up a dozen more pictures. I think we've done about 40 now. They'll be ready for selling just in time for Spring.

Now for a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Good morning... have a fearless friday the 13th.


  1. Barbara,
    Thank you for your comment on my photo blog and for following the blog. After reading your wonderful words here, I can see why my photos/narrative may interest you. It truly seems like we have much the same approach to life:
    "Photography doesn't fall into the catagory of "leading towards"... photography is a thing in itself, and encompasses that moment you click the shutter... ah, it can be so sweet. A capture in time. It makes my heart beat faster when I'm feeling it with the camera. I love it.
    If art were my clothes, I'd probably be dressed in words and photographs. :) "

    So aptly put. Your words are much better at describing my life...than mine!


  2. Happy Friday! I look forward to seeing your long necked ladies.


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