Monday, May 9, 2016


The pain I have been experiencing in my legs has been the worst ever.  I'm not too sure what the hell this is all about, but it is heads and tails above the bad pain I've had in my abdomen/chest after the operations.  Wondering if it is related to the bone metastasis... I really don't know.
I went about five days with no pain meds, but finally made it to the pain management doctor today.  Evie had to come with me, because I wasn't even sure I could walk alone.
The Percocet took the edge off, but it didn't last long enough.  Should wait eight hours between doses, but after four or five hours I was back in a state of misery.
This is not what I'd like to be writing about, but it is what it is, ya know?
Tomorrow I see my medical oncologist, Dr. Burdette-Radoux.  She'll have the results of my bone biopsy, and will outline my treatment plan for now.
Afterwards, I'll probably meet with the social worker at the cancer center to see if I can get some kind of help with paying for medications and such.  Maybe I can get a Medicaid spend-down, I don't really know.  I do know that it all too hard for me to handle financially.  It is truly a choice between food and meds.  If it wasn't for Evie helping me out, I have no idea what I'd do.
I can't help but wonder how long I have to live with this disease.  And in what shape?  I pray for better days to come.
However much I miss her, I am glad my mother is not around to witness what I am going through.  It would have hurt her so bad.  Nevertheless, I miss her gentle touch, and soothing ways.

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