Monday, May 30, 2016

down days

I am missing things these days.  Today I missed the annual Memorial Day Weekend bbq at Melissa's place.  A mix of pain and such keeps me at home for the most part.  The chemo drugs have me feeling nauseous much of the time, and I'm unable to eat very much.  Had half a ham sandwich today, which was about all I could tolerate.  Some days I don't want to eat anything at all.  I will probably get some Ensure, or Boost, soon, just to get some nutrition.  Losing weight is nice and all, but not at this cost.

The weather has been quite warm lately.  Not good for my breathing, or for anything else for that matter.  I had hoped to hold off on using the air conditioner, but I truly need to make myself as comfortable as possible, so its been on for a couple of days now.

I haven't even felt well enough to make it across the hall to visit with Evie.

The day before yesterday I had to have an MRI done of my spine.  That whole ordeal took a lot out of me.  They were backed up, and I had to wait for hours before even getting it done.  Had 2 MRI's done... one without contrast, and one with.  A total of nearly an hour and a half inside that noisy tube.  Not fun.  I know my oncologist wants to see if the metastasis is causing any nerve impingement, which might be causing the horrific leg pain I get sometimes.  I don't see her again until the 9th of June, so it will be a while before I learn the results.

I spend a lot of time watching Netflix, and some television if anything good is on.  I don't do much reading because my glasses aren't the best, and I need new ones.  I do some coloring now and then to fill the time.  Very fatigued, so I sleep a lot when I can.  Usually a couple of hours at a time.

I wonder when the radiation treatments will start.  It's going to be very hard to do that five days a week, especially with the summer weather.  Will it help with the pain, I wonder?

I know this is all pretty boring stuff to be reading,  but it's what my life is about right now, so it is what it is.


  1. I have been fortunate with the two times they diagnosed a cancer on me. slice and dice and gone. I watched my beloved mother fight that crap for 3 years--she took everything the oncologists said at face value but still found a way to cope with the side affects until one day she decided enough was enough.

    That is not advice barb, just one woman's story. My advice is--as long as you feel you are a part of the medical team making decisions for you--then you will in your heart of hearts feel comfortable throughout the off gassing side effects. Look to recovery of a good quality of life and nothing else.

    By the by through my extensive history with doctors--leg pain in 95% of the time nerve impingement usually somewhere between L3 & L5 but that's a whole 'nother ball of yarn/

  2. Combination of heat and pain - that's a lot to handle. I say just give yourself a break and do what you can when you can. But yes, get some Ensure or Boost - you need the calories and nutrition.


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