Friday, November 1, 2013

a day late and a dollar short

A day late, but here are a couple of pics of Logan on Halloween, and with his mom.  She said he had a great time, and made out well, trick or treating along 3rd avenue, with a couple of buddies.  He's just getting so big!  My darling Superman, Logan.

Hmm, couldn't post the one of Mel and Logan... had copied it from Facebook, where Mel had posted it.  Sometimes that happens with pics copied from FB... something's up with their file codes, I guess.
So... it's November!  This year just went whoooooosh.  Still in recoup mode after the operation, which is not much different than the mode I'm usually in, hehe.  Truth.  Had one drain removed yesterday, but the other is still going strong, so hopefully by next week it will be out.  As part of reconstruction, I started to get "filled" in the expanders.... the nurse injected 150ccs of saline into each expander ... this stretches the skin in preparation for the implant, and is done for weeks to months, every week.  I was told there would possibly be pain, but it's not much different than the tightness that's already been there from the start.
No word on when I'll start chemo or radiation yet.  I guess I will know soon.  Gonna be a strange holiday season.


  1. glad you are getting better and better, and oh boy...that next phase. wishing you the best, and boy - is he adorable!

  2. That boy is adorable. What a grin!

    You are a brave cookie, Barbara. My good wishes are following you Xo


  3. such a wonderful portrait!!

  4. a little superman indeed. :)


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