Friday, November 29, 2013

yesterday, Thanksgiving Day

I bought these small blue legal pads just before I went into the hospital for the mastectomies, thinking I would have something poignant to say in those early waking moments, but I was mundane, and just want to get on with it.
Now I write in them when I'm away from the computer (where I usually write), only to put them on the computer eventually.  Like the joke at the bottom of this says:  "I have nothing to say."  "You should blog about it."
Evie has some water colors in an old palette.  Took some shots of that.  We still have morning hair and disarray or I'd take a couple of pics of us.  Maybe later, when we're feasting.
Taking pics of 3 of the 5 cats, too.  The 3 girls; Cassie, Kohlette, and Sapphire.

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