Saturday, February 4, 2012

remember when?

Whatever happened to AOL is what I want to know. A browser that was mediocre to begin with has become varied mess led by AIM and Bebo.

Used to be you could peruse profiles at ease, and find people who maybe had the same interests as you, and easily start up an email or IM session. The perusal of chat rooms has even gotten worse, and the way they read is just ridiculous. Why can't they leave well enough alone. I've been with the damn service since 1997, and I've gotten used to so many of its features, and I'm a creature of habit. But AOL insists on changing some of its best features. What a bunch of idiots must be running the show. You knew that once they took down the key and the great lightning bolt at the start up, and changed it to "running man" that things weren't looking good. That was a long time ago, too. AOL 2.5/3.0 maybe. Windows 95. Sigh.

I've had the worst of operating systems, God knows, when I had Windows ME. What a tortuous run that was. I've gone from that to Vista, which doesn't bother me none, and seems to suits my needs. The only thing that persuedes me to move on to another OS is if one computer dies, and I buy another that has a new version installed on it. So, who knows what's next .. Windows 2012: the final edition?

As for browser's I use Google Chrome as much as I use AOL. Chrome is faster, and it's nice and clean... but it, too, has its drawbacks.

Does anyone remember AOL the way it used to be?


  1. I never used AOL. I remember Netscape fondly, really liked that one.

  2. I had Netscape on my first computer, and remember liking it very much.

  3. I used to use AOL about 12 years ago but they started charging extortionate prices per month so had to look for another one, do kind of miss it though, i liked the old AOL, but i guess it's like you say, creature of habit hehe :)


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