Sunday, February 19, 2012

damn word verification

Blogger has started making the word verification letters too hard to see, and because of it I'm having a hell of a time leaving comments.  I imagine you are, too.  I'm going to discontinue the word verification on my blog, and try to keep up with the spammers.  If it gets to be too much I may have to go back, I don't know.  But it's bugging the hell out of me now.
I hope I can figure out how to shut it off, that's all.  Can someone comment and let me know if it disappeared or not, please.

Well, so far I cannot shut it off.  The old blogger dashboard had this option in settings/comments, but it is not on the new page... and there is no longer an option to get to the old interface, at least not on mine.  Damn!

(and later that night)  Yay!  I was able to find a way to get to the old blogger interface, and shut off the damn verification!)


  1. Nice sunset. I will see if it works. I am using the newer format of blogger so I am trying to figure out how to turn that darn code thing too. I have had some complaints as well.

  2. I discontinued mine also and went back to comment moderation. Everytime I've tried to type one out I've missed it at least once before getting it right..... grrrr

  3. What a great post...I finally figured out how to turn mine off too, after days of researching!! I'm officially word verification-free too ;-)


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