Saturday, November 26, 2011

no more leftovers

I am 2 days into eating my sister's Thanksgiving left-overs, and am finally finished.  I dropped the very last of the candied sweet potatoes on the floor, and boy, was I sad about that.

We had a very intimate table... me, my sister, niece, and my great-nephew.  My mother chose not to come, because she'd have to use her regular wheelchair instead of the motorized one, so we could pull her up the outside steps.  But she's only comfortable in her motorized chair.  She also feels like the holidays just aren't the same since my dad died, and so stays away.  We often bring the whole meal to her place, but that is getting to be much too much for my sister.

We spent a lot of time just being in awe of Logan and the adorable things he does and says.... he's trying very hard to talk, and does well at a lot of things, and it's just do frustrating (for us and him) when he says something that you just don't understand.

He is so loving towards me, it makes me want to melt.

He wasn't too big on eating the turkey dinner, and later on opted for mac & cheese.  Such are kids.

~click to view larger image~


  1. Teehee! Look at that Mac and Cheese face!! :) The holidays can be rough--we're pulling for you. <3

  2. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving and Logan is one handsome 'dude.' ~ thanks for coming by ~ hugs and namaste, Carol ( A Creative Harbor) and Share the Creative Journey

  3. Your great-nephew is so adorable, no question about it. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving.

  4. I've often wondered how you guys cope with Thanksgiving so close to Christmas? Two major stuffings within the same month would do me in! I can totally understand Logan's preference. Also thank you for stopping by my blog, its good to know I'm not just talking to myself all the time.

  5. So cute and such beautiful eyes! He will surely be a heartbreaker :)

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  7. Your great nephew is adorable. Kids really make the holidays worth all the stress don't they? My 3 yr. old grandson WAS into the food this year. The relish dishes were especially appealing to him :) By the look of your nephews face, he did like something!

  8. smiles...good job accidentally dropping that...and mac n cheese sounds really good right about now...i think we are done with the left overs now...thank goodness...


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