Tuesday, November 8, 2011

photographer's rant


I cannot set either the aperture or the speed on this P&S.  So, the camera automatically decides these, and is always dead wrong when it comes to my sunsets.  The speed is too slow, and since the camera is hand-held, I get complete blur. I don't own a tripod; the one I had broke long ago. There's even a "sunset" setting on this camera, but that doesn't seem to help much.

I feel a little naked...or rather, my blog seems a little naked without pictures of the sky, but as long as my good camera is out of commission I have little choice.  There will probably not be many sunset pictures to come, but I sure hope I can knock out a few.

Haven't been out to take any pictures at all, really.  Just a couple of Logan recently, no outdoor shots.  Came upon a red leafed bush outside my mother's house, but car service showed up to pick me up before I could get the camera out.  I felt funny to let the guy wait.  It was night, and I would've had to use the flash, but I would've loved to have captured the color.   There were also two more trees that turned yellow, the other gold.  I don't know the names of these trees, unfortunately.

So, photography has become something I'm not doing these days very much.  I hope it picks up soon, despite the lack of decent equipment.

(a picture from the past...I guess I could post those for a while) (click on it to view larger image)


  1. this is a lovely sky photo
    we all have times of doing more or less of what we enjoy, photography, sketching walking, yoga etc. wishing you delight in what ever you do.

  2. Sounds like the sun has set on your camera. Mine too. I've gotten about all I can out of it and the lens will no longer zoom. Saving my pennies for a new one, or at least a new lens.

  3. It's a beautiful sunset! Just let the camera do it's own thing as you enjoy the capture! Brightest blessings!

  4. What for a great sunset, so intensive that I am fascinated. Very nice moment You shot. Best regards Senna

  5. you don´t really need a tripos. i nver use it. You can use what ever is at hand to stabilize your camera. A tree, a fence, the back of a bench. Put your camera on it and you get a shot. :) Another trick is to stand with legs wide apart and put your elbows to your chest. It gives stability. :) Try it :) If you can lean on anything that helps too.

  6. I've enjoyed looking through your photos.


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