Friday, October 22, 2010

hunter's moon, and the bridge

I don't understand how people get good shots of the moon, showing the texture on its surface and all.  All I can get is a glowing white globe.  I guess I need a tripod and a stronger lens (though I thought my 55-200mm would have worked well).  Someday I would like to learn the knack of shooting the moon.
I guess any of the night scenes really require a tripod.
There's a pic of the moon beyond one of the antenna's on the roof... I call that The Receptive Moon, hehehe.


  1. I gave a lot of good moon-shots in my younger days.

  2. Beautiful moon... and bridge. :)

  3. i think these are terrific shots!!!

  4. Your "Receptive Moon" title for the one behind the antenna is so funny..I scrolled down to your last post, which I somehow missed, and really love your drum. I've been drumming for a few years now and have acquired several, which I'll probably post when I have another drumming ceremony. I would love to become more involved with shamanic drumming.

  5. you have to underexpose with at least -2 for your shot to get a good one of the moon. But the best time for a shot is before it gets dark. While the sky is still blue.

  6. 'Tis better to shoot the moon in the daylight.
    That way everyone will be sure to see it. :)

    No, really. Nice shots, Barbara. All up and down. Like that drum, too. Sounds like fun.

    Happy Halloween!
    Uncle Tree


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