Sunday, October 17, 2010

unknown neighbors at night

Come night time I wonder about the people behind the glowing curtains and red reflections (coming from the Best Western Hotel sign across the street on this side of the street).  In such close proximity, people retain their sense of space by not getting to know each other.  I used to like the anonymity of apartment dwelling, but I have long since gotten over that.  I would like to live in a one family house, preferably, but that is just a daydream, really.  Anything like that would cost a fortune.  But to live in a 2 or 3 family would be nice, too.  A place where maybe you do get to know your neighbors.  Oh, to have that garden I've wanted forever.

Anyway, I live in a city, a borough, a county, a neighborhood.  Just a step away from the 1 and 2-family houses that number the places on the lower avenues... Ridge Blvd, Colonial Road, Narrows Ave., Shore Road... where the better off among us live.

Ah, they, too, must have curtains that they hide behind at night.  Though I doubt there are any neon reflections.


  1. i love the way you've written this, barbara. i live in that one family house you speak off and i have to admit the stars are as good as neon. still, i like city lights too.

    your observation about how people maintain their privacy by staying anonymous is really cool.


  2. lol. and the peopleyou meet on the street....which window?


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