Monday, October 11, 2010

starting up again

Today the Photography group started up again, with me in charge, along with my cohort, Louie. It was a small group today, the first meeting since Faye left the clinic. The wrong time schedule had been announced, before it was corrected, and it was a holiday, too, so maybe that's why there were just four of us, myself included.

We just had a congenial chat really, about places we can go on photo walks, and possible themes we can try concentrating on. Also came up with ideas for photographers we'd like to see documentaries on. All in all it was a fairly productive first meeting, and hopefully everyone will bring their cameras next week, and we'll go on a little jaunt.
Today's participants, besides myself, were: Sue, Evie, and Louie.  Evie was kind enough to let us use the room, where she runs her art groups, for our meetings.


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