Tuesday, December 1, 2009

happy full moon to you

The National Writing Month ended last night at midnight, and I managed to write over 75K words in one month. I'm very proud of myself. I'll be continuing it, since I haven't reached the end yet. Not sure how long it will end up being. I learned that I can persevere in a project far beyond my expectations, which surprised me more than you can imagine. When this started I was more than daunted by the amount of words that needed to be written in one month, but I wrote practically every day, and if I didn't write one day I made up the word count the next day. It was very different from the writing I did when I was younger, which had a more autobiographical bent to it. This was pure fiction, just what I wanted it to be. has a free offer (which is actually free, no strings attached) for Nano writers who have finished their 50K (and beyond, up to 800,000 words)... they will print up a paperback proof copy of your book, which I think is very cool. I have 6 months to take advantage of the offer, so I believe I will be able to finish my first draft and do some revision on the whole thing before I send it off to be printed. It's strictly a vanity thing to do, but I am not beyond vanity.
The next time I write about this novel will be after I get it printed.. I'm sure all you readers out there have gotten sick of hearing about this for the past month!


  1. Not sick of hearing about it at all! I say WooHoo on your word count! You did good! When you finish this book let me know. I think it is quite an accomplishment. Good for you. I knew you could do it.

  2. Thank you, yvonne! Your encouragement means a lot to me.

  3. barbara, holding my printed book in my hand gives me chills and thrills even now, almost a year later.

    yay for you!


  4. Thanks, kj! I bet it IS exciting!

  5. You will surely accomplish an aim.
    I believe you.

    From the Far East.

  6. wow - that's awesome - I don't think I could write that many words in a lifetime!


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