Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a day to remember

My niece is going to be induced today.... a significant day in that my father died 18 years ago on this day, and John Lennon died 28 years ago on this day... both heroes in my life....... so it turns out this day will be a birthday! I am glad about that. My dad would be glad about that, too. I trust he is looking down on his grand-daughter and smiling.

I am going to go down to the hospital to join my sister and my niece in the waiting, which is bound to be long, as the process has not even started yet.

I have put up my tiny Charlie Brown tree. It is maybe 2 ft. high. I couldn't find any of my hanging ornaments, or the manger, or the star... they are all at the bottom of a storage closet that I just can't tackle. But I did what I could to add a little Christmas charm, lol.  The little elf sitting in the tree was found on the street by my father many years ago.. it was tattered and torn, but he felt it deserved to be on a tree, so he picked it up and took it home.


  1. Congratulations on the new baby soon to join your family!

    And thanks so much for visiting my blog (Something She Wrote) today. It's so nice to connect with new people. :)

  2. There a few things more sad than discarded Christmas ornaments, especially elves. I'm glad you rescued one. And I'm glad an otherwise sad day will now be a day of joy. What a beautiful coincidence. Enjoy a milkshake and a cigarette on me.

  3. i like it when something happy can be remembered on the anniversary of something sad. it kind of balances the sad part.


  4. Well, congratulations and a wonderful day to give birth! Best wishes!

  5. I love the thought of your Dad rescuing the elf and him still bringing joy to you all these Christmases later. A magical tale indeed! Congratulations on the birth of your newphew. (I'm reading these posts topsy turvy!)

  6. Happy Holidays to the new baby & all of the family ~ a true gift for the holiday ~ Much joy to you ~ Hugs & namaste, Carol (artmusedogs)


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