Thursday, June 4, 2009

the not-to-be troll

I've been working on a new troll for a while now. Well yesterday I starting curing the head and feet, and Lo! I won't be working on this any longer. I had the oven set at the right temperture (checked with a thermometer, as always), and the piece should not have burnt like this. Other clay I had in the oven, at the same temp and length of time, did not burn... just my translucent flesh colored Super Sculpey, which I really enjoy using for my sculptures. Maybe I have to start covering/tenting the pieces with aluminum foil... but even so, I don't think any amount of foil would've helped this sorry case.
Here are the remnants of a not-to-be troll, who was supposed to be a pale beige.

His poor tootsies are downright crispy!


  1. Aww, Myth! What a bummer! But they're still adorable little feet, and I love his expression. Could he be a browner troll, or is the clay really unusable?

  2. I considered a browner troll, but his nose and feet really are too too dark. I didn't want a "salvagable" piece, which is all this would be. He will join many other not-to-be heads (and now feet).

  3. keep going! and finish him!!! I bet you will be surprised at the outcome.. he really has dirty stinky little troll feet now! they are Fab!! and you can always paint his face lighter... try some clear gesso and then acrylic wash... worse case senerio he could be a "lesson" piece...

  4. I really love to see him.
    I just can't picture how it will look finished later. Just can't wait for the surprise!

  5. Thank you all for your comments; I may have to work on him after all. We'll see!


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