Thursday, April 2, 2009

thursday afternoon

I was out early this morning when it was gray and misty. Saw that the cherry blossom tree, a block away, was beginning to bloom. And several trees, budding lightly. Crocus and daffodils are popping up in front porch gardens, and the sparrows are starting to get loud in the morning.

This afternoon the sun came out, and warmed up the day. My mom came for a visit, traveling a long bus ride on her motorized wheelchair (she has MS, and cannot walk)... she is so amazing at 81. She is safely home now.

A lovely and unexpected thursday afternoon.

[mom & me, several years ago, at Atlantic City, Trump's Taj Mahal]


  1. Myth, your mom is one lovely lady! (As are you!) And it's sort of neat to know that our paths have crossed in that picture ever so slightly. Hubby, and both of his parents worked for the Taj Mahal for many years. :)

    Glad you had an enjoyable and surprising Thursday.

  2. Thanks, leek... That is so cool. :)

  3. Hi Mom ~ you are a treasure & daughters work is wonderful ~ such a good eye & creative ~

    Hugs and namaste to you both,
    Carol (artmusedogs)

  4. Great pic of your mom and you!


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