Friday, April 17, 2009

in an ordinary life, extraordinary things

The cold dank pool behind a waterfall... like ice around your ankles... dark inside, and the bright white rush of water the best way out...... Diving through, the sound of my heart effervesing in my ears/becoming the water. Diving into waterfalls; once was enough to remember the magical feeling for a lifetime.

Being on a jaunt with a friend, out to breakfast and wandering around town... And being gone for hours that registered only in our lives, and not according to the Greenwich Mean. A time warp, if you please.

Sitting in a stream in the Cuyamaca mountains, miles from civilization, and hearing the voices of the spirits on the land. After hiking for hours, deep into the mountain, and then chanting for a good long time in a lovely water hole... things/people come from the spirit world, as you move closer to it yourself.

Other things, too, that I may talk about one day... And things to come.


  1. Barbara, very lovely. I wish I could read things like this with my eyes closed. This is so relaxing!


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