Thursday, February 5, 2009

morning serenade

In the morning, seagulls come this way, heading for the harbor, where the catch is good. It seems they always go out for meals, and head home around sunset.

Nearly 8am, and traffic is busy down below. The subway trains run more frequently beneath the road... For some reason I like it when they screech to a stop. You can feel the vibration of the train up here.

People are closing the doors to their apartments, pressing the "down" button on the elevator which is right beside my door. Some people press the button four or five times, as if that will make the elevator come more quickly.

I haven't slept, and it seems like as good a time as any to write about the mundanity of morning, and how lovely that can be.


  1. Love the image of the gulls making their way to their seaside diner, Myth.

    Haven't slept much myself, but my mundanity this morning consists of dogs chasing cats under tables, cold coffee, and plans to knit my fingers raw. Not quite as beautiful a scene, but it'll do. :)

    And what's with the impatient button pushers? Seriously! Take the stairs, you don't have to wait on them.

  2. Your scene, in all its mundanity, sounds quite lovely to me, leek... But heat up that coffee! :)

  3. How well you describe the morning - I can see those gulls and always see people pushing the button in the lift more than once WHY do they do that??

    I love the way you write so I am coming back
    and just have to say that cartoon at the bottom of your page is so funny, but true in my case hehehe


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