Monday, February 2, 2009

...your dreams come true

Sometimes things get quiet enough that you can see the stars.... And view the Milky Way knowing it's you're home, in the greater scheme of things. Transcend this mortal coil, and who knows what wonders lie ahead. But first you've got to see the stars, when things get quiet.


  1. It's an incredible thought, isn't it? I saw your gourds on your earlier post...too cool!

  2. Your thoughts above are what have been in my mind since coming home from a vist to my sisters in Australia,for 2 months beginning last October. I feel that I was led here to read your post. I live in NZ and visited my sister and fell in love with her place -- 40 acres surrounded by mountains,trees, streams, rocks etc - away from the city, traffic lights, busy people scurrying about, TV, moble phones etc. I ended staying longer with her than originally planned as i felt so at peace there and at night we would sit around a small fire and look at the night skies, waching the "Milky way", shooting stars and sattelites-- it was just absolute pure magic -- I have never in all my life (63yrs) seen the night skies so clear and absolutely beautiful !!!-- images that i cannot get out of my mind- so when i read your post - i thought - i was just meant to see it --Thank you for sharing it !!



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