Monday, November 10, 2008

that's the insomnia talkin'

I hold hard to dreams. It's only after reaching them, that I'm not sure what to do.
The problem with dreams coming true, is that, in reality, they are shaped so differently. .. less ethereal, more brick and mortar, flesh and blood.

something comes true
naked in all its expression
its realness less appealing

But sometimes

something comes true
naked in all its expression
and the dream is so insignificant
in the light of one real moment

This is just me, remembering dreams come true. :)


  1. I'm lucky, I seldom suffer from insomnia. Nor do I remember my dreams for more than a few moments after I wake.

    I like your blog myth! Your dolls are wonderful :)
    Do you not have the 'follow this blog' thingie set up in here? I couldn't figure out how to add Reading The Sky to my list of blogs.
    I put a link on my site, I hope you don't mind. You don't have to worry about many hits, the only advertising I do is through 'cups' and my email signature ;)
    Keep at it girl, your words are lovely!
    Share the smiles

  2. Beautiful, Myth. The pseudo-poet in me wants to rearrange those first few lines to coincide with the structure of the end. But that's just me being anal, and has nothing to do with the content or it's precise truth.

  3. Haha, leek... well, you could definitely go ahead and change it, since it was a pseudo-poem!

    Kathy, there's a button on the right hand side that say's "posts", under "follow along"... I think that's how you follow it. Fine that you put a link on your site, though. Thanks.

    Thank you, Lady Ty. :)


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