Friday, November 21, 2008

magnificent dullness

When I start writing, the critic sits on my shoulder, correcting my grammar, and whispering about how uncreative I'm being. In the workshop I took with Emily Hanlon, she called the critic, the Ick... and icky it is! She also spoke of the Muse, which can conquer that Ick any ol' day.

This is just a blog, though, and like a journal, it is where the everyday gets dumped out, and I'd like the critic can suffocate beneath that dump.

I started this blog, in part, because I want to speak of the creative, and how it resides within the mundane. To quote myself, it is a "magnificent dullness".

Learning to read the sky, on an ordinary day, is a most extraordinary thing to do.

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  1. I hope your Ick does indeed get buried! Bring out the Muse :)


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