Friday, November 14, 2008

can't win for losin'

It's another very damp Autumn here in the city. Just like the past couple of years.
Today is gray, with a dampness that goes right to the bones. Temps are supposed to be above normal (it's already 56°), but with all the rain and dampness, those temps don't count for much.

I woke from a tumble of dreams. Tumbled me right out of bed, they did. They've all flitted away now. I think there were school desks, but that's all I can remember.

There's a craft sale at South Beach Hospital next week, so me and my friend made a couple of things last night. Covered some small picture frames with clay. They turned out pretty cute, except that the plastic backing on them curled and melted while curing in the oven. It didn't seem like the kind of plastic that would melt... it's usually the clear plastics that are trouble to work with. Oh well... we have 4 frames without the inner lining that will hold the backing. What a bust.

Also... since that card reader I bought was defective, the company sent another one. This one was compatible with the operating system, and had a working power light, so I don't think anything is wrong with it at all. It just doesn't read my card. I give up.

Must find something to do today that doesn't get botched up in the process.

Last week I made an art doll for the Icon Doll Challenge that I'm part of with an online group. I'm happy with the doll, but I'm not supposed to write about it or post it on my blog until after the challenge is over, which won't be till next year. I have pictures of it, too!

Well, I'm finished with my first cup of coffee today. I'll go peruse a few online forums, and then get started with my day, whatever that may be.

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