Saturday, April 16, 2016

and so on

So, its been a month since getting my tram-flap reversal surgery.  I am still experiencing pain, though it has been somewhat different in nature.  Have had expected post-operative pain.  The old pain, which I've had for the past one+ year, has dissipated a bit, but not entirely.  I am still taking pain medication, and often find myself counting the hours to when I can take another dose.  That's not too good, I guess.
I had the drains in for a couple of weeks before they were pulled, but then ended up having fluid build up under my skin, and had to have it aspirated with a needle.  Just this past wednesday, my plastic surgeon actually reinserted a drain on the right side, because the build up was too great.  Also, he wrapped my chest tightly with ace bandages to inhibit the fluids from having anywhere to build up.  This has been super uncomfortable for me, and even makes it hard to breathe.  I'm hating it.
Much of the time I am just feeling worn out and weak.  When I am outside walking, I thank God there are benches in the neighborhood where I can sit and rest, because sometimes it feels like I will just pass out if I don't.
I do think this surgery has improved my situation some, even though I've been feeling like crap anyway.  Not sure that makes any sense, but it's how I feel.
My breathing has been especially poor.  I find myself using the rescue inhaler several times throughout the day, most especially just after sleeping, when I think the congestion really builds up in my lungs.
So, it hasn't really been the best of times, but I still hold out some hope.
I'm not sure when or if I will ever feel fully well again.  Its been so long now.
Its been two and a half years since I was first diagnosed with breast cancer.  The whole time has been filled with surgeries, treatments, and pain.  Enough already!


  1. Just keep taking it day by day....and keep walking as hard as that is. Exercise will help. Good luck!

  2. Yes, enough! Actually its already been too, too much.

    Fingers crossed that time will heal your pain quickly and entirely.

  3. it just sounds exhausting. Light surely is at the end of the tunnel. God bless. :)

  4. keep walking and keep resting in between. i am praying on overdrive that one morning you will wake up and it will for the better feel different. you deserve that!



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