Friday, November 6, 2015

Book Review: apartment therapy complete + happy home

As a New Yorker, when I think of "apartments," I think cramped spaces, not enough rooms, the need to "appear" more spacious.  So, when I saw the book, Apartment Therapy complete and Happy Home, I thought, this would be good for me, as I live in a New York apartment.

As soon as I opened the book, I saw it had nothing to do with apartments, rather it centered around homes.  The colonial home, the Tudor home, the modern high-rise, the split-level, etc., and so forth.  This was immediately something I couldn't relate to.

Despite my disappointment, I must say that the book is quite lovely.  It includes everything from setting up your home (walls, painting, floors, windows, etc.), to living in your home (the various living spaces), to maintaining your home (repairs, cleaning, organization).
Some of this can be geared towards the apartment dweller, but generally we do not do upgrades of any great extent due to the fact that the dwelling does not belong to us (renters).

The monthly cleaning suggestions are good, if you can keep up with such stuff.

There are tons of colorful photographs (by Melanie Acevedo) showing many different designing ideas.

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    1. I have lived in both apartments and houses and still love a house. Have my patio up front and the deck in the back....of course if I can find an apartment like that I would move but just not yet......especially being in NY also...need more room.


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