Tuesday, December 17, 2013

knitted with love

I am so lucky as to have quite a few online friends that I truly cherish.  There are a choice few, though, that stand out among the rest.  My friend "Leek" is one of them.  We've known each other for about sixteen years now, I believe, and have shared a lifetime of changes.  We know each other in private forums that have been kept by another dear friend, "Detes", over all these years.  All of us having met in a very special, but now defunct forum, called The Waking World.
Leek is a knitter extraordinaire, and knowing that I would be losing my hair, she made me wonderful hats in my favorite colors to keep my head warm.  On top of that she knitted this beautiful shawl, and an amazing goddess doll.  How lucky am I?

Thank you so much Leek.  I treasure these things.


  1. Absolutely amazing and gorgeous.

  2. how nice to have a friend like that. :)


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