Saturday, December 14, 2013

the process

Here are a few free draws I did tonight.  The first one is of me getting chemo, with a small inset in the bottom where I am getting the wbc injection the next day.  The others are when I'm getting expanded.  (Expanders are put in the chest wall.. this is a hard silicone implant that is then filled with saline (150cc at a time for me) every couple of weeks in preparation for the eventual reconstruction.)  This is to stretch the skin for the permanent implant.  Free draws are just crude drawings that take a few minutes each.


  1. Wierdly interesting procedure I'm guessing ????

  2. Awesome - thank you Myth - i love that you share, and at the same time educate - 'tis a process I have no knowledge of. Bless you my dear and very highly valued friend {{{hug}}}

  3. Barbara, Coming to check on you, you are so brave, glad things are moving along in your recovery.
    Wishing you much health and joy and love for the holidays. xoxo

  4. awesome and intense drawings. just perfect. keep your pen handy, you'll get a book out of this!


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