Tuesday, February 19, 2013

change of pattern

We (me and Evie) have around eighty-something days left until we finish the years worth of free-writes and free-draws we have tackled.  From now on I'll be publishing several drawings once a week instead of everyday.  I think a post every day has been too much at this point.  If we ever happen to do a free write again, that'll be published in a timely manner.
I hope to get some photography going on the blog.  It has been quite a while since I got outside with my camera... not at all this year yet.  And sunsets from my window have been less than inspiring.  Winter is like that.  But I've gotta get out and shoot something! Anything!
Don't forget that you can go to Evie's blog to see her drawings, too.  We may as well be embarassed together.  You can find a link to her on the right hand side, under My Blog List, at "a space between colors".


  1. I totally get your lack of inspiration, winter does that for sure. I actually forced myself to use my camera today because it has been sitting idle for a week or so. Spring will be here soon, I hope.

  2. I dunno Barb.....I get the winter blues stuff but theres so much more in the small things too...and winter brings them as well.

  3. Every day should be used to the full.
    Spring is coming fast here in Kuusamo, Finland.
    Snow and frost in a lot - a bit of sun.
    For visiting and nice comment on my blog.
    Greetings Eko
    Finland / Lapland / Kuusamo


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