Tuesday, October 27, 2009

tuesday morning

An apartment across the street has a  Christmas tree set up by the window. It's lit by early afternoon, into the evening.  I'll have to get a picture of it later on.  It's not even Halloween! I get disoriented every time I look out the window and see that oddly timed trimmed tree.

[hard to get a decent shot of this, but you get the gist]

A block away, along the bigger intersection, they've strung the Christmas lights already... traditionally they get lit on thanksgiving night or the night after. I hope they don't get crazy and light them up for Halloween... though that'd be spooky.

Last night me and ev played several games of Gomoku, and one game of Scrabble.  It's good to play games sometimes.


Lingering over a cup of coffee now.  The day is grey and rainy.  I have some medical testing today (and tomorrow) around noon, so I won't be doing much before that. 
The streetsweeper passes by; boy does that make a big sound.  Startled me.  Traffic is in full force.  I like the sound of it going over the wet pavement.

My contented cats sit nearby.  They've eaten their morning meal, and all is right in their world.

Mug Shots
(Little Guy & Morrison)


  1. Every year Christmas comes earlier. Of course the bikinis will be for sale in January! Still, don't think I'd want the tree up that long. I'm afraid it would lose it's special feeling.

  2. I've always loved Brooklyn at Christmas. The best, tackiest decorations ever. We would drive around looking for the best house, the worst house, the most colorful house. I miss it.

  3. Gomoku is popular with the children.
    Well thus I played, too.

    Brooklyn seems to be cold.
    Take care of yourself.

    From the sky of the Far East.
    Thank you.


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