Friday, October 9, 2009

one year blogging

It has been one year since starting my blog. I think I've kept up with it pretty well (despite deep lulls, like lately).
The sky has been grey, and not yet the crystal blue and white October sky that I love so well.
The leaves are yet to turn, though a few have started. The green is fading from all of them. (photo from an earlier autumn, taken while driving upstate)


  1. Congratulations! It is a good feeling, huh?

    I have reached a year, 100 posts only to delete my blogs and do new ones. Not anymore though..I am sticking to my two!

    Lets wish for another year!

  2. One year! Good for you.

    I'm glad the leaves haven't turned, yet. I prefer it when the sun shines on them like in your picture and makes them seem on fire. Plus, with all of this wind, I think they all would have blown away!

  3. Well done of the year mark! :)

  4. Aye good 1 year blogday Barbara.

    I do not like the beauty of fall because I know it simply masks the cold of winter. I would much prefer the deciduous tree find a different way to add nutrients to the soil. ;-}

  5. Hello, Barbara (Myth Maker).
    Thank you for watching the scenery of the country side of the Far East.
    I appreciate encouragement you always gave me.

  6. Hello, Barbara!

    I suppose a "Happy Anniversary!"
    is in order. Was it a long year?
    Blogging can easily become a chore,
    and this I know after only 8 months.

    I had my fun, but now I wonder how to continue. I've said a lot, even though it
    may not be all I have to say.

    Good luck to you going on into your 2nd year.

  7. Dearest Barbara,
    Thank you for always dropping by at my blog and giving lovely comments.
    Yes, I am so happy to hear that your blog turn one. Happy birthday dear "Reading The Sky" blog and may you have produce more creative posts to come! I will always drop by.
    This is my email. Barbara, please kindly write to me when you are free. Thank you.

  8. Happy 1st Birthday Barbara.
    It seems there are three types of bloggers, those who post daily, those who post long stories periodically, and those that post anything amusing they find in the Ethernet (usually Youtube videos, etc.) I'm confused because I seem to be all three! Maybe, like you, I need to take a break and enjoy the leaves.

  9. Hello.
    I am glad that you have good haiku.

  10. one year, almost something to celebrate :)
    Have a great week.


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