Saturday, August 15, 2009

the energy of one (with thanks & apologies to The Walking Man)

I resonate with the energy of one
still intact
No trail of DNA running around
no trace other than myself

I am whole
my solar plexus has no hole

and now I am a crone
my knowledge not so set in stone,
as waves of change must change
what we know
In one way or another, we
shift perspective, see with other eyes,
and live in synch with natural forces

As these years gather
so do I

bark and bone, leathers and stones,
treebeards and weathered wood

these are my tools
for creating art and ritual

My ancestors live on in my blood.
I am a final product.


  1. Certainly there is no apology needed, this is a sad but prescient piece. I like the tone and timber of it very much.

  2. much pain, but also acceptance... well said

  3. How can I knot like this?
    Could we possibly be related?

    I do like what you say here and,
    Tree especially likes the way you went
    about saying it out loud to the whole world.

    I am...a final product2.


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